In my first meeting with most clients, they often say they need a one-page resume. When I ask, “Why?” they say that’s just what they’ve always been told. Where did that idea come from? I really don’t know.

Most one-page resumes are difficult to read. They lack white space, use a tiny font size, and only have narrow margins. But most important – they almost always understate a person’s qualifications. There just isn’t enough room for a strong presentation with easy-to-read formatting.

But there are exceptions. 

Employees with a Long Tenure at One Company

You might have stayed with a company for a long time because you had a good career progression with a limited number of jobs. A one-page resume might be sufficient to state your experience and qualifications. That said, it must be clear on why you stayed with the company for such a long time. 

Business Ownership to Employee Status

A 75-year-old man who was looking for a second career contacted me because he did not have a resume. The one we wrote specifically highlighted his experience by not masking that he owned his own business for 50 years! That was one of the reasons someone would hire him. In the end, he did move from being a business owner to getting a corporate job.   

College Graduates or Workforce Entry
If you recently graduated from college or want to re-enter the workforce, a one-page resume might be sufficient. We can focus on your academic studies, such as your course curriculum, scholarships, and awards. Some volunteer work for a community project might also be applicable.

College Job Fairs
Many colleges and universities host on-campus job fairs for companies to interview students with high potential to become entry-level employees or interns. These companies typically only want one-page resumes.

Writing Strategies for Length of Resumes

I have 15 years’ of experience setting strategies for the length of a resume. The document must clearly state your qualifications and why you should be hired. That might be one, two, or three pages. It just depends!

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