When you start looking for a new job, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed about how to begin. Do you want to work someplace else? What type of job do you want to have next? What are you dissatisfied with? What is prompting you to make a change? You might feel like you have too many options and you’re not sure where to start.

Here is a simple exercise that actually brings your choices down to just four possibilities!

When I have used this exercise with my career coaching clients, almost everyone can eliminate at least one or two of these options right away.  

“Oh no, I already know I just have to leave this company!”

Well, then you have only two choices. You can either get the same job at a different company, or really make a change and get a completely new type of job at a different company. That’s it. This quickly brings your four options down to two, so now it will be easier to start your job search.

What about this situation?

“I’m ok with the company; I just need to have a different job.”

This exercise can help you better focus your search on finding the opportunities that you really want to pursue.

So, now that you know that you truly only have four options for your next job, doesn’t that make things easier?