Is it really true that an experienced person who deals with resumes can absorb information very quickly? Absolutely.

For the last 20 years, I have read and written thousands of resumes, so today, I can essentially read most of them at a single glance.

The first bit of information written at the top of your resume is your “Headline.” It clearly states the work you do professionally and how you describe yourself.

There are 4 primary ways you can use this section of your resume to position yourself properly:

1) Use Your Current Formal Job Title.

Let’s say your job title is something like “office manager.” This job title can include several responsibilities. It could be a straightforward role, such as managing a business with five tax accountants. Or it can be at a higher level with more responsibility, such as managing a larger office with 30 people in 4 divisions. The basic job is the same, but the scope of work might be different.

2. Describe the Role in a Generic Way, Such as “Office Management.”

This is appropriate when you’ve had job titles that are different from the types of opportunities you are targeting. Doing this simply describes the role, as it not a formal job title.

3. Position Yourself with a “Headline” and a “Sub-Headline.”

You might do something like this if your specific industry experience is why someone would hire you:

Office Manager
Special expertise in healthcare

4. If your job includes multiple functions under one job title, then you should convey that through the headline and sub-headline.

Office Manager
Human Resources ● Bookkeeping

Job titles are sometimes negotiable as part of the hiring process. You want to make sure that your title matches your experience and the type of job you are targeting. By doing this, your resume will be positioning your past experience correctly for what you want to do in the future.

These tips represent the types of guidance I can give people for both resume writing and interview coaching. There is NO CHARGE for an initial consultation! You can contact me directly and schedule an appointment, or you can reach me through LinkedIn!