What is your job title?

A job title is a useful way to define the work that you actually do at your company. You may or may not have actual business cards, but your title positions you both within and outside of your company.

You would guess that job titles are easy to figure out, but that is not always true.

Here are two reasons job titles can be confusing:

1. If your company merges with another company, the Human Resources departments of each must decide on the organizational chart that will work well for the newly-created company.

Two job titles might accurately describe the work, but maybe they were set up differently with the two companies.

Internal Design Manager might also be Project Manager

Fundraiser might also be Grant Writer

Auto Mechanic might also be Automotive Technician

The Human Resources department will be focused on a total company-wide basis rather than on an individual basis. You are unlikely to have any input as to whether you keep your current job title or not. Depending on the structure of the company, you can’t really do anything about it. But when the dust settles, you can then bring up your concerns if you think your title really should be changed to better match your duties and responsibilities.

2. You would likely begin a new job with a title that matched your general duties.

But things can change over time. Maybe someone leaves the department, and you absorb additional work (often without an immediate pay increase)!

This is a time for you to be your own advocate.

  • Pull together written documentation of your original duties and what you do now. Look for the written job description that was attached to your offer letter. Then, write down what you do now on a day-by-day basis.
  • Have one or more suggestions about what you think your new job title should be.
  • Take advantage of the situation as an excellent time to discuss a possible increase in your salary.

It is good career management to pay attention and make sure your job title matches what you actually do. If you are not sure how to do this, someone in Human Resources will be able to give you guidance.

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