Are you discouraged with your job search and don’t know what to do about it?

You’ve updated your resume, your LinkedIn profile is in good shape, and you are making contact with people in your network. You are being diligent about spending the time and effort to find a job. So, what’s the problem?

Why is this happening? And more importantly, how can you fix it? If you’re looking to get unstuck and take a straight path to your career goals, there are four ways to think about it:

Are You Unfocused on Finding your Next Job?

Are you trying to cast too wide a net? Could you be jumping from one task to another rather than being organized with a plan?

You should set priorities on what to do each day. Start with an overview of the coming week. Decide on what specific actions you can do, such as researching companies that interest you. Having a plan will help to keep you focused. Otherwise, everything could become overwhelming.

Job vs Career workbook

Are Things Stagnant and Nothing is Happening?

Have you have been doing the same things over and over on each day of your job search? Maybe you’ve run out of ideas on what to do, so everything seems stagnant. Nothing is moving. How can you get things going again?

This could be the time to give yourself permission to step away from your job search and do something to refresh yourself. Maybe you need a couple of days off! Find a way for you to give yourself a break. You will come back with fresh energy, and things will start to move again.

Do Things Seem To Be Cluttered?

Is your workspace cluttered, or is it neat? How about your virtual life? Do you have 400 unread emails you have meant to go through, but never get around to it?

Working in a messy space can be incredibly distracting. If you’re having trouble with your job search, it might be time to try it another way by tidying things up. You have nothing to lose, and you might be surprised how working in an organized room will help you keep focused.

Is Something Blocking You So Your Energy is Split?

Maybe you still have emotional baggage from your last job? Are you still angry if something happened? Those feelings can carry over into your current job search. You must find a way to get a different perspective and move forward. Otherwise, your past can stand in your way.

When I was a recruiter, I never placed a candidate in a new job who had a house for sale or a baby coming because they were splitting their energy with their family. I always recommended that they put a pause on looking for a new job until those things were off their plate. If your attention and energy is divided, you simply can’t give your all to your job search.

Have you ever found yourself in these four scenarios? There are steps you can take to free yourself from these issues and land the job of your dreams! As a job search coach, I can help you solve these problems and get your new job search going in a straight line. I invite you to book a free consultation! Let’s get started clearing the way and giving you a direct route to your new job!