Have you ever heard the expression “getting your act together?” Do you know how to get your act together when it comes to starting a job search?

It was originally from Hollywood, but the concept can be a useful one for your job search. You need to mentally, emotionally, and physically make a clean break from your last job before you start looking for a new job. In other words, you need to get your act together!

There are a few things you can do to start a job search, and it could take some time, but it will be worth it.

Update your resume to start a job search.

This is crucial, but why?

Your resume needs to include pertinent information about your current or last job, including information about your accomplishments. You might also decide that now is the time to reposition yourself for the next steps in your career.

Writing your new resume is also one form of interview preparation. You are deciding how to present your value to your next employer.

Job vs Career workbook

Your resume and LinkedIn profile must be in alignment.


LinkedIn is the best way to create an active professional network. With it, you can “see and be seen.” You write your profile using your resume as the foundation, so they need to be aligned. Otherwise, the reader will not know what is and what is not true.

Throw out or give away things with your last company’s name and logo, particularly if you left under difficult circumstances.


Companies give away branded items like hats and key chains to help employees feel good about the company. It is one way to create a feeling of belonging and team building, but you are no longer on that team.

Getting rid of these items is an excellent way to escape any bad feelings about anything that happened between you and your former company. You will be pleasantly surprised at how this helps you walk away from the past.

Go through both your physical files and your electronic files.


Throw out all job-related records that you no longer need. Be sure to keep records from your past work, such as your formal performance reviews, but do not take any confidential information. This process is another way of letting the past go.

These suggestions are some ways to shut the door, let go of the past, and create some healthy energy for yourself. Then you will “have your act together” to take the next steps in your career.

If you are having trouble putting your act together with a new resume and LinkedIn page, you’re not alone. It can be challenging to write your own resume and other professional documents. If you want some help, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation. Together, we can set you on the road to professional success in a brand-new job!