One of the most challenging aspects of a job search is putting together your resume. Do you like it? If not, can you fix it as a DIY (do it yourself) project? Take it from me; it can be very stressful and hard to write your own resume. I have looked at thousands of resumes over 20 years as a writer and a recruiter, but I still need help from another writer to make changes on my own resume.

There are 3 primary reasons why it is so hard to write your own resume:

1) It is really difficult to write about yourself

My grandmother gave me a clear message when I was a child. I had good grades in school, played music and was an easy child to get along with. She said she had “bragging rights” as my grandmother, but it was not ok for me to brag about myself.

  • You probably take your natural abilities for granted, so it is hard to put into writing.
  • If you say you were “just doing my job,” that means there is more to the story. Most people understate the results of their achievements.
  • Maybe you are nervous about not having a college degree, so you don’t know what to say or not say about it on your resume.
  • There may be untruths on your resume, either by exaggeration or omission, but you don’t know how to fix them.

Job vs Career workbook

2) Maybe you don’t have confidence in your writing skills

  • Most people are insecure about how their writing ability. You are not the only one.
  • Maybe you are unsure how to convey your ideas to the reader clearly?
  • Maybe you are not sure about grammar, spelling and punctuation?
  • Maybe you have never had a job where it was required that you write.

3) What are the specifics about resume writing that is different from other types of writing?

  • How long should your resume be? One page? Two pages? The real answer is, “It depends…”
  • Does it have too much information or not enough?
  • Does everything seem disorganized, so it is hard to understand?
  • How wide should the margins be? What font is the best? Is is ok to include some color?

How can you get past the stress of writing your own resume?

  • You can find books with guidance and samples online or in bookstores.
  • Get help from someone else like a professional resume writer.
  • You can also get the help of a professional resume writer like me. I have 20 years of experience working with resumes, with 4 certifications for writing and coaching.

So, you should never feel bad about not being able to write your own resume. All you need is someone to give you a hand putting all of your experience down on paper! Feel free to visit my website to book a free consultation, and we can get started talking about how I can help you write a polished, engaging resume that will get you noticed!