How does a recruiter or hiring manager decide that they should hire you to fill a specific job?

They will ask multiple questions on various subjects. But what will be the criteria? Are you actually qualified to do the work? How will you fit into your schedule? Do you believe in the mission of the company?

These are great questions, but they will need more. Do you have the right training and dedication to support customers both inside and outside the company? What problems can you solve?

  • When preparing for an interview, think about examples of customer service with people outside of the company. Did ever you help a customer find new shoes that fit correctly? Have you de-escalated a problem with a customer who was unhappy with a product delivery delay? How did you resolve these situations?
Job vs Career workbook
  • You also need stories for your interview about your problem solving with “internal customers” who work inside the company. Do you process payroll, repair a bus, or support a sales team? Your co-workers must be satisfied with your customer service so they can do their own jobs.

Frame your stories about your qualifications under the general umbrella of customer service, both within and outside of the organization. How do you solve people’s problems to make them happy?

It is not enough to learn the specifics such as product knowledge, as that can be taught. But a company cannot train you to the right attitude and commitment. You bring that with you to the company.

With my over 20 years of experience as an interview coach, I can help you identify your customer service skills and experience, and how to tell those stories through your resume and the interview. If you’d like a free consultation, please feel free to book one on my website. Let’s frame your customer service experience in a way that will catch the attention of your interviewer!