Covid-19 has created a challenging and scary job market. If you lost your job during the crisis, how can you find a new one quickly? Are you secure even if you are currently employed? Who in your circle of co-workers, family and friends is going through a stressful time? One thing that might help is evaluating your job situation.

There are three ways you can assess what is currently going on with your job:    

  • How do you FEEL about your situation?
  • What are the FACTS?
  • What do you THINK you can do?

Write things down, be specific, and talk with some people who will support you.  

How do you FEEL about your situation?

Start with the obvious, because you need to get your arms around your feelings so you are not overwhelmed.   

  • Who can you talk with? What keeps you from doing that?  
  • How is this affecting your health? Are you drinking or having panic attacks?
  • Are you angry? Scared? Depressed? Discouraged? Or all of these?   

Job vs Career workbook

What are the FACTS?

You can only deal with your situation if you know the hard, cold facts, even if they are difficult to stomach.

  • What is your financial situation? Do you have savings, and how long will that last? How can you bring in more money or cut your expenses?  
  • What about healthcare? What if you are uninsured? This is often a primary cause of stress in most families.
  • How are you taking care of your children or parents? If you are working from home, how are you juggling that with your responsibilities?
  • Are you behind on your rent or mortgage?
  • Do you have reliable transportation?  
  • And the most important fact — do you and your family have food?

What do you THINK?

Now that you have considered the facts and how you feel, what do you think you can do now?

  • Who can help you?
  • What are your highest priorities, and what are your alternatives?
  • What specific things can you do?

I am not a psychologist, family counselor or psychiatrist, but I do have over 20 years of helping people get jobs. Over the years, I have talked through these difficult issues with many people, acting as a sounding board to help them put together a realistic plan to evaluate their job situation and find work. If you’d like a free consultation to learn more, you can book one here. Let’s finally move past the crisis, and get you back to work again!