If you Google, “how to stay focused on your job search,” you will find lots of different suggestions. It is not a new concept. But you want answers that go beyond the cliché responses. Your lack of motivation and focus can be divided into two categories.

Here are two ways to focus your job search:

What activities are you specifically doing each day, or each week related to your job search?

  • Are you easily distracted by other things such as reading your incoming email too often?
  • Are you working from home and your dog continues to bark so you have to get him to stop?  
  • Are you bouncing around when you are online, so then you don’t know what you accomplished at the end of the day?

Have you also considered these avenues?

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What types of jobs are you focused on for your job search?

  • Have you identified some specific companies you can target?
  • What about different industries?
  • What types of job are you looking for?

One category is about your actual search process, and the other is related to your goals.

If you feel unfocused, it is probably a blend of both.

So how can this help you get a new job?  

I suggest that you initially focus on your goals. Write them down. Once you get more clarity on this, it will naturally help you to focus your daily or weekly activities for your job search.

I have been helping people get jobs for 20 years. Some of my job search coaching has been related to helping people define their goals. Some of it has been to help them to pay attention to what they are actually doing. And it usually involves a mix of the two.

If this is a helpful approach, you can schedule a NO CHARGE an appointment to discuss how I can help you. I hope to hear from you soon.