Many times, a success story involves someone changing careers or finding a new job. But success can also be measured by someone simply making a good career decision in the first place.

One time, I was at my dermatologist’s office. I am always curious and regularly ask people how it is that they went into their profession. So, I asked her how and why she became a dermatologist. I will always remember her response!

She told me that she always wanted to be a doctor when she was young. She went to medical school without a clear idea about what type of doctor she wanted to be. She eventually decided that she had always been good with her hands and wanted to use that natural ability. She also knew she was an extravert and wanted to be in a medical discipline where she could talk with her patients.

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That all made sense. After all, if you are a heart surgeon, you may or may not have a good bedside manner. Your strength is taking care of your patient’s heart. But she was definitely glad she chose dermatology because it was satisfying and she was good at it. It used her innate abilities with her hands, combined with her personality.

She then mentioned that her husband was also a doctor. He was also good with his hands, but there was one big difference. He didn’t really want to talk with his patients. I asked what type of doctor he was. He was an anesthesiologist!

That made me laugh! No problem with having to talk with your patients there! But the truth was that, even though both of them were doctors, neither of them would have been happy if they switched specialties.

So, what is the point of this story? When exploring your next career move or actively looking for a new job, think about your natural abilities and personality. Look for opportunities that would help to make you successful within your chosen career.

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