I can’t believe that I’ve been writing these blogs since 2017! I’m certainly not lacking in subject matter, as I have been helping people get jobs for 20 years. So, I have a lot to say about job search and other career-related topics!

I have one aim with these blogs: to help you land a job. Here’s what I hope you have learned from my first 100 blogs:

There Is a Job for Everyone If They Engage In Their Own Process

Many different numbers are floating around out there, but LinkedIn has something like 250 million active monthly users and 20 million open jobs. There are also postings on company websites, government databases, and sources such as Indeed and Monster. It is not about a lack of jobs, but it is a matter of finding the right one. Figuring out your own process is key to landing the interview and being offered the position.

The Big Question Is Always “Why Should Someone Hire You Instead Of Someone Else?”

This was my main takeaway from 3 years as a recruiter at Robert Half. It is the foundation of all the professional resume writing and coaching that I do now.

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You Can’t Look For a New Job Alone

You must get support from your friends, family, and co-workers. There are also local job networking groups and college alumni career services. You can also find lots of information in published blogs and articles. And don’t forget that you can engage a professional resume writer and coach such as myself to help you in your search!

While I have many qualified resume writing and career coaching colleagues, I know I have a unique perspective:

  • I have been helping people get jobs for 20 years.
  • I have an MBA.
  • I have worked for large public companies and smaller companies.
  • I have owned two family businesses.
  • I am 4X certified as a writer and coach.
  • I used to be a recruiter, so I have a real understanding of the hiring process.
  • I am not shy. I am 70 years old, so I have worked for more than 50 years!

More than anything, I love the work that I do because I know it makes a real difference for people and their families. I hope my followers will continue to find good value from my writing, and also from my coaching and resume services!

If you would like to discuss your resume, job search, or career plans, call me today for a no-charge initial consultation. I can’t wait to help you, along with all the rest of my followers, in my next 100 blogs!