As a professional resume writer and coach, I have worked with many people who want to relocate for their careers. It can be hard to find a job in a new place, but millions of people do successfully relocate every year, even during COVID-19.

Here are 4 ways you can find a new job and relocate:

Start by being very clear about why you are considering such a major change for you and your family.

Everyone needs to be on board because you will need their support.

  • Do your parents now need more help, so you want to be closer to them?
  • Will you be working remotely for the foreseeable future? Is the option of relocating more realistic now?
  • Is the high cost of housing making it impossible to buy a home in your area?

Then, get your act together.

Both your resume and LinkedIn profile must be up-to-date. Do whatever else you need to clear the decks, including getting ready to leave your current job.

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Spend real time doing research.

I think people can underestimate this. It will take a ton of time, energy and focus to do thorough research.

  • What is happening with the job market in your new city? What industries and companies are doing well, and which are struggling? How can you put together a list of companies that you target?
  • You need to find information from as many sources as possible to develop a good job search strategy and action plan.

Connect with people who can help you find your next job.

This can be the hard part, but the process is basically the same, whether you are moving or not.

  • If you have family and friends who already live where you will be moving, strategize with them about ways they can help. You don’t know what connections and information they have.
  • Find people with whom you already have some connection. One of my clients got help from a member of a professional association in her industry. That person was willing and able to help her find opportunities that led to her getting a new job in a different state.
  • Strategize about how to use LinkedIn and your professional network to connect with people who might be able to give you advice and support.

Making the decision to move can be tough, but it’s a choice that many need to make to find the job of their dreams. I’ve helped countless clients make an informed decision about if they are ready to move for their job or if they prefer to search locally. If you want to clarify which is right for you, I invite you to contact me today. There is no charge for your initial consultation!