Do you find it challenging to get started writing?

All experienced professional resume writers find their own productive approach to the actual “writing.” One will quickly lose their business if they don’t have an efficient way to get words down on the page. If it takes me 4 hours to complete a resume, but I gave a quote to the client based on 3 hours of writing, well, that would be an issue for me!

There are two basic methods of resume writing. There is “bottom-up” and “top-down” writing. Personally, I use “bottom-up.” That means I start by understanding what is at the bottom of your resume/the beginning of your career. Then I will work my way up to what you are doing now.

Why does the “bottom-up” technique to resume writing work for me?

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I want to understand the start of your career, then follow your career trajectory. How did you get to where you are now?

  • I have a client with experience in office administration that they have never found satisfying. But her undergraduate degree is in fashion merchandising. After some career coaching with me, she is still targeting administrative jobs, but within the fashion industry.
  • I worked with another client who was only one class short from completing his degree in fine arts. He was working in sales. I asked him what happened. “A baby showed up!”
  • If you don’t have a college degree, I will look for something like professional training and certifications instead.

While this approach works great me, I do know other resume writers who write “top-down”. One always wants to start with where you are now, and then go backwards to understand your career path. We are both excellent resume writers, but we use different resume writing techniques that you won’t actually be aware of. You will just be happy with your new resume!

If you want an example of how I write, I got through my own resume in this video clip here. For example, my background is in accounting, but now I am a career coach and resume writer. What was the path that got me here?

And if that approach interests you, and you would like to discuss your resume with me, you can click here for a free initial consultation! I have a specific way I write resumes that works! People get jobs! And it’s time for you to join them!