Do you feel stuck in your job and career? Don’t worry, because you aren’t alone.

As a resume writer and career coach, it’s my job to help people find work they love. Over the past 20 years, I have spoken to thousands of people who are unhappy about their professional life. Maybe they don’t like their industry, company, or job. But there is something that just isn’t right.

Whenever I am told one of these stories, I always tell people that it is possible to make significant career changes, because this was true with my own professional journey.

  • Job #1: I started as a switchboard operator.
  • Job #2: I was promoted to become anExecutive Assistant for the top company executives.
  • Job #3: I was promoted to accounting manager with a staff of 20. I had not completed my degree in accounting and had no management experience.
  • Job #4: I stayed as an accounting manager, but at an artificial intelligence startup company.

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  • Job #5: I sold promotional products for a company owned by a friend, even though I had no sales experience.
  • Job #6: I continued to sell promotional products, but with a larger company.
  • Job #7: My husband and I also owned two businesses in the auto repair industry for about 20 years. I served as an assistant shop manager, service writer, and bookkeeper. I knew nothing about car repairs, but I do now!
  • Job #8: I stayed in the auto industry, but we bought a franchise to sell tools to technicians in a defined territory.
  • Sabbatical: I took five months off because I was exhausted and having panic attacks. I didn’t know what to do.
  • Job #10: I left Robert Half in 2003 and started my current work as a resume writer and coach. I love what I do and will not be moving to something else.

So, my career path includes 10 jobs (plus one sabbatical) in 5 different industries (artificial intelligence, promotional products, automotive, recruiting, and resume writer/coach) over multiple decades. There are many details that I’m leaving out, including the fact that it took 8 years to complete my accounting degree and get an MBA. But those are stories for another time!

My career is why I can truthfully tell people that they really can make a move and eventually find a job and career that they find satisfying.

If you are interested in the possibility of making a career change, I invite you to schedule a FREE call with me to discuss and set up a plan. I want as many people as possible to finally end up with a job that they absolutely love!