Do you develop a routine when it comes to your job?

Every experienced resume writer discovers a process that works for them to write excellent resumes efficiently. After writing more than 2,000 resumes and other professional documents since 2003, I now have an exact method that works. People get jobs!

So, what do I do?

1) Prep Material

I give my clients a questionnaire and ask them to red line their own resume. I then get them to comment on a couple of job postings so I know how they are qualified. I also look at their LinkedIn profiles. I definitely talk with the client to make sure that I understand their particular situation.

2) Writing Strategy

Deciding on the writing strategy is the most crucial thing part of my process. There are many things to consider, but the most important question is: Why should someone hire this person instead of someone else?

What are their primary issues? Long tenures at one company? Short tenures at multiple companies? Maybe the client is preparing for a career change? Perhaps someone has a gap between some jobs? Are the accomplishments hard to quantify? With this information, I can decide on how to position the person in a very positive way in their resume.

3) Editing the Original Resume

To start, I open up the document, rename it, and then edit it sentence by sentence. I decide what I can delete, what I might be able to use, or what I know I need to keep.

4) Deciding on the Format

I decide on a format that will provide a good structure for the writing. What will be the general style and look? How long will the resume be? How can I organize the information on the resume? Then I can write within those guidelines.

5) Achievements

I use the C-C-A-R format (Context – Challenge – Action – Results) for storytelling.

I identify what I want to showcase, then set these up as bullets.

6) Skills

I identify keywords which are the skills and knowledge of my client. Then, I make sure to include them in the resume.

7) Writing

With all of this prep work finished, I am ready to start writing!

8) Client Review

There is a first and second draft, with a remote-access call to finalize. I send it to my proofreader, then deliver a master resume. This is real collaborative writing!

If you are working on your own resume, this outline should give you an exact writing process. Or you can hire a professional resume writer like me who knows the process like the back of their hand!

If you have a resume or career goals you would like to discuss, please schedule a FREE consultation with me here. You can then upload your resume to me, and we can get started turning it into the document that will get you hired!