What is the best way to update a resume?

I have been a professional resume writer for 16 years, with many clients returning to me multiple times. They are either targeting a new job or keeping their resume current for any unexpected opportunities. So what do I believe are the best (and worse) ways to do an update to their resumes?

Not a good approach

  • Just adding on your most recent work in the same format as your earlier resume can eventually make the document morph from two to three pages. It then becomes harder to read because there is less white space and more crowded text.
  • If you use the same writing strategy as before (even though your career has progressed), it may not reflect where you are in your career now.
  • Your resume might look outdated if nothing changes with the look, such as switching to a new font.

Good ways to update your resume

  • Decide on your new writing strategy that supports your current career goals.
  • Review your older work history and other information. Redline any content that is no longer relevant.
  • Focus on your most recent work, particularly your accomplishments.
  • Change the font style to one that is more current. I usually use 10 pt. Calibri.
  • Review the whole look of the earlier resume – formatting, margins, and structure.

Example: My resume from 2011 and my current version in 2021.

  • The resume writing strategy itself has not changed very much over the years. For example, they both separate my corporate career path from ownership of a family business.
  • The newer one is easier to read because it is more concise, with additional white space and a different font.
  • I have written a lot of resumes and other career documents since 2011. I now have a 2,000+ document body of work that clearly shows my experience. That is bolded, in italics, and centered. It always says that people gain more confidence in themselves after working with me.

There are more things to consider when updating a resume than you might think! But as a certified profile resume writer (CPRW), I have a lot of experience and training in creating exceptional resumes for my clients. You can schedule a FREE consultation call so we can discuss how to improve upon your current resume and set you up to find the job and career of your dreams!