Almost everyone understands the value of having an excellent resume. It is a specific tool to help you find a new job!

Whether you are writing your own or working with a professional resume writer, there is a process of getting to the final document. You can start your resume from scratch, or you can revise an existing one. Every resume writer develops a different writing style, and you must be comfortable with that person’s approach if you are going to work with them.

One of my clients recently wrote to me when we finished their resume:

“This process was far more valuable than ‘a resume.’ It has expanded my reflection on who I am, where I have been, where I am and where I am going.”

I was delighted to read this because that is my intent when writing someone’s resume. I have a very structured process for helping you look back in your career and project forward how you want to be perceived. This type of writing is actually a form of interview coaching. It gives you an opportunity to put your thoughts together so you will have more confidence going into an interview.

If you are not confident in your abilities to write your own resume, schedule a FREE consultation to discuss how I can work together with you. You will be happy with both the writing process and your new resume!