Are you concerned that your current resume will not help you find a new job?

You might feel that it lacks a writing strategy, details about your experience, accomplishments or doesn’t represent how you want to be perceived? The bottom line is that you don’t think it will help you get hired. It’s a common concern among many job seekers. If done correctly, your resume can help you get a job!

Let me explain how to create a clean and clear resume with an example of a “District Sales Manager.”

1) The “headline” of “Top-Performing District Sales Manager” quickly identifies who the person is and what type of job they are looking for.

2) The resume has a structure with an “at a glance” top section, summarizing their background.

  • Performance awards
  • General sales experience and knowledge
  • Markets where they have knowledge
  • Types of customers
  • Products sold

3) The format makes it easy to read. There is enough white space, and it gives a complete overview of them with a clear message:

“I have been a top-performing sales executive for many years. If you hire me, I will be able to do the same for you.” If you are afraid that your resume is keeping you from getting a good job offer, schedule a FREE consultation. We can review what you already have, then put together a plan to write something that will help you get your next job.