If you are starting an active job search, it’s always easier to know what type of job you want right from the start. 

The key to a focused job search is to incorporate the things you value in your personal life to be part of your intended career path. 

I once had a client named John who had recently graduated from college and was ready to start work. Right from the start, I was intrigued that he was so clear that he wanted to work in “supply chain management.” No one grows up as a child thinking that would be a great profession! It refers to international business transactions related to physical things (for example, printer cartridges from Hewlett Packard made overseas, not in the U.S.). 

After we talked, it was clear that he had done four specific things to get started with his career. 

  • He knew what he wanted in his personal life, which was to travel. At the age of 23, he had already visited 22 countries! He had intentions to visit every country in the world. That was his personal passion. 
  • He did his homework about what type of college degree would be relevant. He chose international business. 
  • He intentionally explored career options that would have an international component. “Supply chain management” is always global.
  • We put the focus of his new resume on international business. 

After working with me for a short while with a focused job search, voila! He landed one interview, got the job, and relocated to another state as he wished. He is now working with a company that does shipping in the Mediterranean and progressing along his desired career path!

If you know what career you want to target, or even if you are just not sure yet, schedule a free consultation so we can discuss how to get you on the path to your dream job!