How does a new college grad learn how to use their degree as a stepping point into a satisfying career? 

One way is to get an “informational interview” from someone with real-life experience working in a field or company of interest to the job seeker. In this case, it is a conversation for gathering information, not a request for help getting a job offer. 

I have a client who recently graduated from college with a degree in finance. He had decided he would pursue a career as a financial analyst. It would be a good fit because he has a natural affinity for analysis and finding patterns in data. He is also confident in his written and verbal skills to present findings. The job can be an integral part of a company because important business decisions should always be made based on sound analysis.

I have another client who spent 12 years as a Financial Analyst with a massive, well-known global company. He had six different jobs over those 12 years, each requiring more sophisticated skills. He stayed there because the company provided many opportunities for career growth.

I asked if he would talk with my recent grad client. He said yes, of course. Then I received this feedback from the grad.

“It was very informative, and I enjoyed being able to pick his brain about the industry. It helped give me a deep look at what goes on day-to-day.”

The meeting reinforced his belief that getting a degree in finance was a good decision. He also gained information that would be helpful as he researched and pursued different job opportunities.

If you have experience in your field, please take the time to help someone who is just getting started on their own path. You might be surprised about how valuable your knowledge can be! Don’t take what you have to offer for granted. 

In that spirit, if you are looking for a job but don’t know how to ask for an informational interview, I would be delighted to book a free consultation with you so we can discuss! After all, I have been helping people get jobs for 22 years!