Are you targeting a specific or a general type of role for your job search? 

When looking for a job, you need to determine your ideal audience for your resume. When you are writing it, what is your intent? 

Does your resume need to have a concise and focused statement on your qualifications for that particular opportunity? Or does it need to convey a general breadth of your experience because you are open to different possibilities? There are three smart ways to handle this at the top of your resume: 

Focused Message: You can do this by using a specific job title, then adding something else that is an area of expertise. 

  • Operations Manager: Special expertise in manufacturing 
  • Store Manager: “Big Box” ● Boutique Specialty Women’s Clothing Store

Broader Focus: You can use the description of the actual role, not just the job title. You can still include some details for context. 

  • Operations Management: Warehouse ● Logistics ● Inventory 
  • Marketing Communications: Public Relations | Social Media

Qualifications: This is an option if you are targeting one specific job. It is particularly useful if you have never actually held that job title in your previous experience. 

  • Qualifications for Customer Service Supervisor, Company ABC

If you want to be successful in your job search, you must be clear on who you want to read your resume and why. Do you need a focused or a broad message? That focus can make the difference between landing an interview or hearing nothing back!

If you are not clear on how to tailor your resume in this way, I’d be delighted to help! There is no charge for a consultation. Together, we can ensure your resume shows your qualification in the best possible way.