What does it take to close the deal for a good job offer?

Sometimes, the “devil is in the details” when it comes to recognizing if a job offer will work for you! Back when I was a recruiter, I discovered firsthand that everything is negotiable, not just salary.

I remember I was once trying to finalize a job offer for one of the candidates I represented. Everything seemed fine until one specific detail emerged: he had a child in day care. He dropped her off every morning, so the earliest he could be at his desk would be 8:45 am (His wife picked up the child at the end of the day). The times were not negotiable with the day care people, and it was the regular juggling act for working parents.

Unfortunately, the hiring manager supervised a department with several accountants, setting clear expectations that everyone would be there by 8:30 am. He didn’t want people wandering in 10 or 15 minutes late, which was a realistic concern.

So, what could we do? Would the deal fall through over a 15-minute problem? Well, that’s where negotiation came in! The hiring manager eventually agreed to the 8:45 start time because the candidate was very strong and would make a big contribution to the department.

So, when you are considering a job offer, be sure to think about the day-to-day details and address them in the negotiation. If my candidate hadn’t realized there was a timing conflict, it could have turned into a significant problem on his first day on the job!

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