Are you in a job you like? Or maybe you don’t like what you do? Well, I know there is a job well-suited for everyone – even if other people might think it is crazy!

I talk with people who don’t like their work. But I also talk with people who love what they do. And sometimes I don’t say anything, but think to myself “What?! Ugh! That sounds like a job that I would hate!”

1) Registrar at large conferences and trade shows:

This client loved to be part of registrations for big conferences, like those with 1,000 people or more. She handled a lot of details when people needed help.

I said, “Do you mean things like someone is a featured speaker and their clothes are in a lost suitcase?” Or maybe “I’m supposed to be in a meeting and I can’t get my laptop to work!” Yes.

She liked that it was fast-paced, and she was doing real-time problem solving that actually helped individual people. Me – it would drive me crazy!

2) Corporate tax accountant:

This client said she had one of the most important jobs in the company. She could make a huge difference to the bottom line by being knowledgeable and strategic about tax planning. It was not a flashy type of role, which was fine with her.

3) Physical therapist working with cancer patients:

I met a young physical therapist at a hospital who just radiated positive energy. She specialized in working with people who have cancer. Really? Wouldn’t that be depressing? Nope, just the opposite.

She said that people come to the hospital to get rid of something in their lives that they don’t want. A mastectomy is the most obvious. But transgender men come for “top surgery” which is a procedure to remove breast tissue as part of their transition. She was really happy to help people through their own process.

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