Have you considered earning some certifications as a way to change careers

That is exactly what one of my clients did recently. When I met Paul, he was working at a company that used Salesforce. 

This is software used by large companies to manage their business operations and customer relations. Salesforce is the fourth largest software company in the world.

Paul told me that he thought the Salesforce software was a fabulous tool. He was able to significantly enhance customer relations while improving productivity and reducing costs.   

Because he was so impressed with Salesforce, he decided to become a Salesforce consultant. The pathway is through earning multiple certifications to indicate technical proficiencies in many aspects of the software.

He is now on the consultant side of the business relationship, having already been a user on the customer side.

It has taken a lot of work over several years, but he now has earned six separate certifications with technical names such as “Certified CPQ Specialist,” “Certified Advanced Administrator”, and” Certified Sales Cloud Consultant.”

His career plan has worked! 

This is what he did:

  • Became familiar with a product used to fill certain business functions in his current job.
  • Decided the product was good and offered some career possibilities outside of his current career path.
  • Researched the types of certifications, he would need to become a highly knowledgeable consultant.
  • Started to study!

If you are considering getting some certifications to help you change careers, schedule a no-charge consultation with me.

This is the type of career coaching that I do for my clients to explore how to make a career change.