Have you done volunteer work recently with organizations that are important to you? Did you know that incorporating information on those activities will help to create a strong resume? Did you have a leadership role, or were you a participant? How does this connect with your career and a job search? 

Many people discount volunteer activities, not realizing that they might be using their business and social skills to make things happen. But they are important, and the value should not be under-estimated. 

A recruiter or a hiring manager might be interested because it gives a more complete understanding of your background.  

✓ I had a client who casually told me she raised some money for her son’s school. How much? $200,000!!! Was that one big grant? a series of multiple ones? They were all small.  

She eventually became a volunteer grant writer, then moved into a paid position. But she didn’t realize that an employer might consider this to be impressive. $200,000!!!! Amazing! 

✓ I had another client who owned his own business but wanted to come back to a corporate role. It turns out he was very involved with building a library in Rwanda. What!? He did not even mention it when we were working on his resume. 

So here are guidelines:   

Your current or recent involvement is the most important. The only exception might be if you were on the Board of Directors at an earlier time.    

You can find different ways to volunteer. I did transport for a local animal rescue group, such as driving a dog from a veterinarian to a foster home. But I eventually stopped because it was solitary and did not use my business skills. 

It is very important not to over-state your responsibilities. Were you handing out food at a food bank? Or were you working directly with companies that would donate? Were you in a leadership position? 

✓ What business or social skills have you used to make things happen as a volunteer? The client with the library wrote a business plan, obtained funding, handled the finances, and involved other people. He didn’t realize it should be included in his resume.    

As a professional resume writer, I can help you incorporate your volunteer work into your resume. There is no charge for a consultation. Here is the link to the scheduler. I look forward to speaking with you!