How much do you think that business etiquette can either sabotage your job search or help you be successful? It might seem obvious, but who are you? As a professional resume writer and coach, you would be surprised at how frequently I don’t know who has contacted me. I have to guess.

Etiquette is always about building relationships. It is a matter of respect and the beginning of good communication. You want a good start with a recruiter or hiring manager. Who are you?    

1) Make sure that you have an outgoing message that identifies you in your voicemail. Tell me who you are.  Everything I do is confidential, so I really do need to know that I am calling the right person.

2) Don’t name your resume as “my resume.” The file name needs to somehow identify you. Who are you?

Irene Marshall resume October 5, 2021, for Company ABC

3) If you don’t already have it, get an email address for your job search that somehow ties to your name. Who are you?             is much better than  

4) Use the subject line in your outgoingemail. Who are you?  I need to anticipate the nature of the message, and then find it again in the future. 

Irene Marshall needing help with interview preparation

5) Identify yourself when you call. It is annoying to pick up the phone and the person says “How much does it cost to get a resume?” I have to say “Maybe I can help you. But what is your name?” N::Without knowing that, I can’t do anything. Who are you?

You want every aspect of your job search to support your success. It really is important:  Who are you?    

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