You would be surprised at how difficult it is for recruiters to write their own resumes. That seems crazy – they look at other people’s resumes all day long!  

They know what they are looking for. They need to find the resume that makes them want to meet the candidate. They know if a resume has good formatting and a clean look. They know if the candidate might be a good fit for a job opening.  

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -It is hard for recruiters to write their own resumes
So what is the problem?  

Not every recruiter is a “President’s Club” member. Recruiting is actually a sales job with results measured by how many open positions are filled.  

When I was a recruiter everyone’s numbers were public, so I knew where I stood in comparison to my colleagues. I was always in the “middle of the pack”. But I didn’t know how to properly say that on my own resume.   

Recruiters can become complacent. I have seen resumes with typos, improper grammar and punctuation. They should know better, but can get sloppy in their own writing.  

Some recruiters are better on the business development side. Others (like me) are strongest on the candidate side of the work. So many recruiters have resumes that do not really showcase their strengths.   

Some recruiters just are not good writers! 

Every recruiter who has come to me for help with their own resume has been uneasy and embarrassed by the fact that they can’t write their own. 

And you might be surprised. As a professional resume writer myself, I still get help from one of my colleagues any time I want to revise what I have.  Crazy, huh?! 

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