Have you ever had a “transition” job? This is basically defined as a short-tenured job that is taken to keep a flow of cash coming in, even if the job itself is not on the desired career path.  So what are some examples:  

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -Do you need a transition job

You have relocated and just need to get settled in your new city, particularly if you have children. But you also need cash coming in. So you take a job, even if you don’t expect (or want it) to be a permanent position. 

Maybe you take a seasonal job – any job — because you just need the cash. 

Sometimes there can be a specific reason. I have a friend who retired as a nurse.  At one point, she needed to have an unexpected $11,000 worth of dental work.  So, she went back to being a nurse, but just long enough to pay the dentist.  Then she happily when back to being retired.   

Sometimes people need flexibility but still, need cash, so becoming an Uber driver might provide that. 

I think a transition job can be a good option as long as some things are in place: 

You need to be clear on exactly why you are taking this type of work. 

You need to have some sort of goal, such as $11,000 worth of dental work. 

You want to set a realistic time frame for what you need. 

Ideally, this work will give you some experience that is relevant to your intended career path.   

And you can decide if this might be your foot in the door to get a permanent, full-time job. 

I am a career coach, so this is the type of issue I can discuss with my clients.  If you can benefit from some guidance on this, there is no charge for a consultation. Schedule a call with me today so we can discuss.