Have you ever applied for a job that you were well qualified for, but then the company hired someone who was already an employee? That can be frustrating if you are already in the middle of the hiring process and an internal employee is unexpectedly brought into the mix.

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - Why do internal candidates have an advantage

The employee’s job performance and reputation within the company are already known. 

The employee already has working relationships with other people at the company.  

The person already knows the corporate culture, company values, and jargon.

It is important to promote from within as a way to retain good talent.

A transfer can help to keep an employee who wants to relocate for personal reasons. 

It can reduce the time to hire, shorten onboard times, save money, and strengthen employee engagement.  


Some companies have internal processes to provide opportunities for employees to move into positions with broader responsibilities. Then that person’s job needs to be backfilled. 

Sometimes companies hire back employees who left the company and now want to return. They are more valuable now because they have gotten experience working somewhere else. 

When a company has a position to fill, sometimes it will be posted internally for a period of time. Then it will be posted somewhere such as LinkedIn publicly. 

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