Did you realize that there are actually two distinct sections in your LinkedIn profile?   

The body of the profile is based on your resume as the foundation document. It includes your work experience, recommendations, education, skills, endorsements, and additional information. 

But at the top of your profile is a section that used to be called “Summary”. Now it is called “About”.  

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -“About” section on LinkedIn

This field is a way to somehow connect the professional part of your life with the personal. The field allows for 2,600 characters, so there is ample room to tell some stories about you. People can get to know you that way through real “storytelling”. 

For instance: 
  1. One of my clients was very active in sports as a child and a young man. He has been a very effective business leader throughout his career, building on the life lessons he learned through sports. 
  1. Another client realized when he was in fourth grade that he has some natural abilities to sell.  He sold the most chocolate of anyone in the school during a fundraising drive. His entire successful career has always been in sales.  
  1. Another young client has a real passion for travel and has set himself up for a career in global supply chain management. He intends to visit every country in the world and has a good start by already being in 22 countries at a young age. 
  1. The “about” section for my own profile has a few sentences under “What is my story?” It explains that when I was a recruiter, I unexpectedly realized that I really could have a new career to help people get jobs. That was 22 years ago, and I have never looked back. 

So if you are interested in including this as part of your own profile, you can schedule a free consultation to talk about it.