Do you know what the phrase “PAY IT FORWARD” means?  

If you do someone a kindness, you can tell that person you would like them to “pay it forward.” In other words, you are not expecting a direct payback, particularly if it involves money. It means that you are asking the other person to help a third person in a similar fashion in the future. 

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -Pay It Forward After Receiving Help On Your Job Search

The Boy Scouts even have a famous motto of “Do a good turn daily”. It is one way of building character when people are young. 

So what does this have to do with a job search? 

You can help someone in a number of ways. You can do some interview role-playing, review the person’s resume, or just be a supportive partner to help them get through a stressful time. 

It can be important to be more explicit beyond just “Let me know if there is anything I can do.” A job seeker might be uncomfortable directly asking you for help.  

But everyone has someone in their circle of family/friends/colleagues who wishes the best for a successful job search. The list is endless on what helpful things can be done. 

Offer to take care of the children when the person goes to an interview. It can reduce a lot of stress if the person really knows that their kids are just fine. 

If you agree to do an employment recommendation, make a point to respond very quickly if a hiring manager or recruiter wants to talk with you. It is important.   

Create a pleasant experience to help someone go through their clothes and make sure they have what they need to wear for a new job. You might even go shopping together! 

So take the initiative. Then if you are the recipient of someone’s kindness, look for opportunities in the future where you can “pay it forward” for someone else.

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