Did you know that a bad credit rating can get in the way of a job offer? It can happen.

One time I worked with a CPA firm when I was a recruiter. One of the partners was ready to retire. They wanted to hire another CPA who might become a partner in the future.

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - How a bad credit rating sabotaged a job offer

But a CPA needs to have a stable personal financial situation. That can be an indicator of how the person might deal with clients. He surprised me by not disclosing his bad credit, which I did not appreciate.

He purchased an office printer with a maintenance contract. Both the purchase price and the contract were included in his monthly payments.

But he got mad when there were ongoing maintenance problems. He stopped paying rather than resolving the issue.

Why would he allow a dispute about a fairly small amount of money to jeopardize his financial stability with a bad credit rating? It did not make sense and actually seemed pretty stupid!

The CPAs decided not to extend an offer. He created his own problem. Their firm had a great reputation, and they could not risk any issues on how he dealt with clients.

There are legal ramifications that differ from state to state on how companies can deal with bad credit. So sometimes, it really does get in the way of a company hiring someone who otherwise would be a good employee.

I just thought it was too bad because it would have been a good opportunity for the CPA.

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Infographic_How a bad credit rating sabotaged a job offer