I ask people all the time about why they are interested in a particular profession or job. As a resume writer and a coach, I am always curious. Sometimes a response to my question surprises me! But then we might be able to somehow include it for the “about” section of a LinkedIn profile, a cover letter, or something that can be discussed in an interview.

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - Why are you interested in the job
Here are some examples :

I wrote the resume for a young woman who graduated from college with a science degree. I asked her about it and she said she intended to be a researcher. What type of research? Diabetes.  It turned out that her grandparents both had diabetes. Of course, that made her more at risk herself.

My husband had a fall a few years ago and broke his neck. A woman who was a member of the medical staff came to the emergency room to properly fit him for a neck brace.

I asked her why she does the work she does.  She broke her own neck when she was in high school.  She was participating in gymnastics, was not properly spotted, and fell on her head. It set the trajectory of her life. She was passionate about making sure medical devices were worn and used properly.

Another client described his family as “rabbit people”.  He was applying for an accounting job with a local animal shelter.  It turns out that they had adopted two rabbits over several years from the same organization.

You can share this type of information when applying for a job. You never know…. It might be just the right thing to make you stand out from other candidates.  Your commitment will become evident on how you approach the job itself.  It is personal. 

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