Have you ever tried to “dumb down” your resume or just thought about it? The intent of a resume is to lower the level of education, experience, training, or skills to be better suited for a lower-level position. 

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -Is it ok to dumb down your resume

Why would you do this? 

  • Are you afraid someone will think you are overqualified for the job?   
  • Are you concerned that the employer will expect you to want a higher salary?  
  • Maybe your education should be downplayed if you have an MBA and the position needs a high school diploma?.  
  • What if you really do want a job with less responsibility? How do you convey that? 

After 22 years as a recruiter, resume writer, and coach to help people get jobs, I have a very strong belief:  

EVERYTHING ON YOUR RESUME MUST BE VERIFIABLE. If you start to dumb down, you start to tell lies. (I am being direct here.) That is a slippery slope and will eventually catch up to you. You will very likely lose a job offer if there are discrepancies unearthed with an employment verification.  

But there are options:  

  • It can be easier to explain that you actually do want a lower-level position if another person can help you network into the company. But your resume still needs to tell the truth.    
  • Maybe you are really over-qualified for the types of jobs you are applying for. A coach can help you with a strategy and a plan on how to identify more suitable opportunities.  

You do not need to join the millions of people who hope no one will realize that their resume has been dumbed down and includes some lies. As an interview and job search coach, we can strategize on other options so you can stick to the truth. You can schedule a free consultation so we can discuss.