Upskilling is a way to become more successful in your job or your career by increasing your skills and knowledge.  

I was an Accountant at an early part of my career. And I was promoted to Accounting Manager with a staff of 20, but I had no idea how to supervise staff. I needed to “upskill” right away, so the CFO mentored me to be both an accountant and a manager.       

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -what is upskilling

Your employer might want to invest in you to become a more valuable employee. You need a way to upskill with additional skills, knowledge, and training.   

  • Maybe your company is changing payroll because a new division of the company was established in another state. You have to be trained, but now you can do multi-state payroll.  
  • Maybe you are an auto technician. The shop you work in handles basic cars like Hondas. But if the shop begins to handle school buses, you need to learn more.     
  • What if you are a hairstylist and you want to learn more about cutting children’s hair. You need both training and experience.  

Many companies are committed to helping employees grow in their careers. This can be through offering coursework, certifications, workshops, mentoring, or other professional training. 

But what if your company doesn’t offer that. Or what if you are self-employed? 

You need to assess what training you need to be more effective at your work. Also, you need to find out how you can get that training. You will be glad when you invest in yourself.  

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