How can you move from one type of job to another? If you need to learn new things to do the work, you might need “reskilling.” Some employers can move people within the company this way.

Or you might need reskilling to go to a different job or career in a different industry.

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -what is reskilling
  • Pfizer is a large global company. But their manufacturing production has changed from pharmaceuticals to COVID-19 vaccines in the past couple of years. People working on the manufacturing lines have needed new skills to make this happen.   
  • Improvements in technology are a common reason why people need reskilling. There are no longer toll takers at many bridges. Technology now tracks cars going through the toll booths and invoices them automatically.   
  • COVID-19 has also damaged the cruise ship industry. Skills such as housekeeping can be transferred to hotels. But jobs such as maintaining maritime engines may not be so relevant for maintaining railroad train engines.   

What if your employer is not able to find a way to reskill you but lays you off?

Many companies with retail stores such as Apple have extensive training programs to understand the technology. Every state has training programs for some job seekers that are paid for by taxpayers.

If your employer offers ways for you to reskill, be sure to take advantage of that. But if not, you might need to look for other professions where the companies invest in their new employees with strong training programs.

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