When you are writing a resume or interviewing, it is important to not overstate or understate your role as a team member or a team leader. 

The type of team you are on is important to give context. Are you part of a 5-person team working a shift at McDonald’s? Or are you a member of a large team such as all of McDonald’s branch managers across the country?? 

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -Are you the leader or a member of a team

Working as a team is integral to most jobs because a coordinated group of people can do more than what a single person can handle. People have different but related roles, and they need each other for specific reasons. Everyone has to pull their own weight.

But if you are a team leader, you will also be training and managing everyone on the team. You need to set a clear direction with actionable steps. You need to make sure there is good communication and address possible conflicts before they escalate. It is also important to mentor someone else to move into this role.   

If a team does not have an effective leader, it can lead to bad morale, miscommunication, and poor performance.

If you want to describe your role as a team leader in your resume, you need to include information on both the technical aspects of the job and your leadership role. 

What makes you a good team leader? And if you are the team member, what is your contribution, how do you describe your specific work, and how does that connect with other team members? 

Just make sure you don’t overstate or understate your role. You can schedule a FREE consultation call so we can discuss how to improve upon your current resume and set you up to find the job and career of your dreams!