Have you ever resigned from your job and were still on good terms with your manager? Have you ever thought that you were about to be fired? Maybe you just became a CPA, and you are ready to move on?

It is well understood that first impressions are just that. It is important for an interview and for your resume and cover letter. There is an old saying that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is true.

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -Last impressions do count! How to leave your job in a good way

But a “last impression” can also be important. Why?  

  • It is a small world. People know each other in different ways, so people talk. You don’t know who a recruiter or hiring manager knows. One of their connections might be able to give them information about you.
  • Your team will be happy if you can transition your work to the right person. You can say, “Just call if you have any questions.” But you still want to leave your work as clean as possible.
  • Hopefully, you will be able to talk with customers, vendors, or anyone else outside the company who you are working with. You want your actions to reflect well for both your company and you.  
  • Even if it is tempting, don’t take confidential information. Someone will eventually realize that is what you did. Then you will have created some really bad problems for yourself.   

You just don’t want to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth. You will keep your good reputation and create goodwill if you make a real effort to leave the company in a professional way. You can schedule a free consultation to find ways to make sure that does not happen.