Did you know that you can get help with an “interview coach”? When I last looked for a job, I didn’t know that such a coach existed. Now I have been doing interview coaching for 22 years, first as a recruiter, now as a professional resume writer and coach. 

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -What does an interview coach do

The most important thing is for the coach to have a complete understanding of the hiring process. After some coaching, you should be able to respond to this question: 

                         Why should someone hire you instead of someone else? 

When do you know an interview coach can help? 

  • Has it been years since your last interview?
  • Are you nervous before interviews? (Everyone is nervous!)
  • Has anyone taught you how to prepare for an interview? 
  • Do you get interviews but no offers?  
  • Do you know how to negotiate your salary?  
  • Do you have any type of sensitive issue? Were you fired from your last job? 

What does an interview coach actually do?    

  • Reviews what has happened with earlier interviews
  • Helps you develop an interview strategy
  • Teaches you how to prepare for an interview
  • Assesses the stumbling blocks for your interviews
  • Conducts practice interviews 
  • Helps you strategize on salary negotiations 

And that’s just the shortlist!  

There should be one primary takeaway from your coaching: You will have more confidence in yourself! 

I do many types of coaching, but interview coaching is my favorite. It never gets old when someone tells me they got the job!  Book a free consultation, and we can get started prepping you to land the job of your dreams!