Have you ever wished that a “job search coach” could help you find a job? Did you know that this is a specialized type of coaching? Why would you want a coach? How can that person help?  

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - WHAT IS A JOB SEARCH COACH
  • Are you unclear about the options you can consider for your future career path? Are you also unclear on the type of job you want now?  
  • Maybe you don’t know what the problem is because you have diligently been looking for a new job, and nothing is happening? 
  • Maybe your emotions of being discouraged or afraid help make it hard to stay focused on your job search?    
  • Perhaps you don’t know how to put together a strategy and then an action plan to give you guidance on what to do?  
  • Maybe you don’t know how to connect with other people who can help? Is just the knowledge that you need to network very stressful?  
  • Do you spend all day working at your computer but can’t find any jobs that seem interesting and realistic for you to apply? 

This is a stressful period of time if you are between jobs, particularly if you don’t have a lot of money in savings. There is an urgency to find new work. Even if you have a job, you will need to step out of your comfort zone to make anything happen.     


  • Helps you think about your current situation for your job search ad career plans. 
  • Helps you put together a strategy to focus your search now.
  • Introduces you to current job search techniques and resources.
  • Guides you on how to connect with other people who can help. The necessity of networking can be daunting.  
  • A coach will give you guidance that will work – regardless of the particular job you are targeting.   

It is hard to go through this process with no accountability for what you do. A coach can help you stay focused with actions you can do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. A good coach knows how to unearth opportunities, particularly ones that can be found online. There is a lot of research that can be necessary. If you are willing to engage and stay focused, a job search coach can help you with that. 

I am a career coach, and I help people find work they really want to do. If you would like to talk, you can schedule a free consultation.