One of my clients applied for a job but came in #2 candidate. But the hiring manager sent him a fabulous note 

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out -Were you the #2 candidate

“Thank you for your interest in the Confidential Director position. My colleagues and I enjoyed the time we spent with you last week and are very impressed with your outstanding professional accomplishments.  

While we have chosen to select another person for this role, I want to encourage you to pursue other opportunities at Confidential company. Our interview team believes that you would bring tremendous value to the organization. Frankly, you are overqualified for this role and would add more value and leverage in a more senior position. 

I would love to connect via phone and provide any additional feedback or advice; just let me know. You would be a great addition to our Confidential team!”

I have never seen a company be this explicit and encouraging in a message back to the #2 candidate. Clearly, the door was open to staying in touch until just the right opportunity emerged. Even the hiring manager’s offer to talk by phone was unusual. 

My client decided not to pursue this, but it gave him confidence. This had been his first job application after being with his current employer for more than 30 years.     

Even if you are not interested, it is still important that you also leave the door open.  

If you still like the company after going through the hiring process, pay attention to any formal or informal signals that you get from anyone who was involved with your interviews. Get past your disappointment about not getting the job. Then follow through, and the job you get probably will be better suited for you. Book a free consultation, and we can get started prepping you to land the job of your dreams!