How do you make important decisions, such as whether to take a job offer or not? Do you use your intuition, or do you gather facts so you can think about it? 

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - How do you make a decision about a job offer

There are two basic ways of making an important decision: 

Pull together the facts > FOLLOW YOUR INTUITION > define your options > make a decision > be happy or unhappy with results.    


Gather the facts > ANALYZE THE FACTS > define your options > make a decision > be happy or unhappy about your decision.  

All of us use some combination of these approaches when making important life and career decisions.  

I am an outlier. I most naturally depend on my intuition. My husband and I were introduced by friends. Our first date was on a Sunday. Surprise! We got married the next Saturday. That was in 1981! A one-week courtship can turn into a good marriage.   

Here is an exercise you can do to understand your own career decisions, such as accepting a job offer or not. What happened? Were you happy with the outcome?   

  • How did you make the decision to accept the offer? Intuition? Analysis? Was it a good decision? If not:
  • You are naturally analytical; were there facts that you ignored? 
  • If you are naturally intuitive, were there red flags you also ignored? 

Could you use some help making decisions such as whether to accept a job offer? That is the type of coaching I do with my clients. You can schedule a call with me; there is no charge for a consultation.