Who should you tell when you get a new job?  

Sometimes people surprise me. I have been helping clients get jobs for more than 20 years. I am a professional resume writer, coach and former recruiter.    

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - Tell your resume writer or coach that you got a job

The writing and coaching that I do is 1:1 with my clients. We get to know each other through the 

course of our work which often takes several weeks or months. There is a relationship there. I have many repeat and referral clients.    

I do this work because I really can make a difference for people and their families regarding their jobs and careers. And I really care about what happens. Seriously. People know that I work very hard for them. But there are two types of interactions that don’t make sense.   

I received an email from a recent client who told me she got a new job and was very excited about it. That was the only thing she said. I was happy, of course.    

But I had three questions, so I wrote back to her immediately.   
  • What is the company? 
  • What is the actual job? 
  • How did you learn about the opportunity?  

She never responded. Crickets. I don’t know why. She made an effort to let me know she got a job. But then she didn’t answer when I asked more about it. Strange.  

There is another scenario. Two of my other clients each had five offers to choose from at the same time. They were both happy with the job they eventually got. Five offers?! Well, that was great!       

Why didn’t they tell me? Wouldn’t they think I would be interested to know more? I only found out when they each returned a few years later. 

Both of them said they were appreciative of the work we did together. It was instrumental in helping them get those offers. They were both happy with their new jobs. They thanked me for my efforts. 

So why don’t people always let me know they got a new job? I just don’t understand. You can’t just say people are too busy. I don’t agree with that. It would not take long to send me a short email with just a few sentences with some good news.   

Any ideas? 

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