If you want a new job in a new industry, where do you look for information? How do you do research? Google can be a great resource. The world was different before we had Google!  

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - Using Google for your job search

I had a client who really wanted to stop being an event planner and somehow move to a different type of job in a different industry. She was burnt out. 

But she didn’t know how to get information about other choices because she just didn’t know how to do online research. She knew about the concept of “transferable skills” but didn’t know how to incorporate that into her job search.  

We began with a simple Google inquiry.

Event planning transferable skills

That took us to:  

Alternative careers for event planners

That took us to: 

What other jobs can event planners do?

That took us to:  

How to transition out of event planning? 

That took us to: 

What career can an event planner switch to?  

Google is an incredible resource because it provides multiple ways to learn about something. You ask a question, and you get several links for the responses. You can scroll down to keep looking,  

It also provides two other ways to look for information:    

“People also ask” will offer up four relevant questions.  

“People also search for” will show you how other people have done their searches.

There is a really enticing rabbit hole because one click leads you to another click, to another. You can get lost in it. At some point, the information you are gathering starts to be redundant. So you want to organize your online research in whatever way is helpful for you. 

Keep track of what useful information (including links) that you find. 

Keep track of the specific inquiries you have made. 

If you still need more help, I am a job search and interview coach. There is no charge for a consultation, just go here to schedule a call on our calends.