Would your day-to-day life change much with a new job?  

I am a coach, so I was helping a client prepare for an interview. He would be home for three days a week, then go around the country with clients four days a week. The job would be a smart career move.    

He was of Indian heritage, as many are in the San Franciso Bay Area. 

I asked him what I think now is the best question I have asked in 18 years of coaching.     

“Do you eat American food or Indian food at home?

“Indian, of course.” 

“So you are in Minneapolis to work with clients. There are no Indian restaurants in the area, you have no way to cook, and you are at a Best Western hotel.

Irene Marshall - Tip Call Out - How would a new job affect your day-to-day life

What’s for dinner?” 

He was silent for a long time. Then he said: 

“I don’t want this job.” 

It definitely wasn’t worth it to change his regular diet, even though he would be turning down a good job opportunity.  

If you are deciding to accept a new job, just don’t forget the details of daily life! 

Sometimes, it’s the little things that we don’t think about that are the real reasons we should or should not take a job. That’s why having an interview coach can be so valuable. I am a career coach, and I help people find work they really want to do. Book a free consultation, and we can get started prepping you to land the job of your dreams!