My nephew, John, is a mechanical engineer who was working at a medical device manufacturer. After 11 years, he wanted to find a new job. I am a professional resume writer (and his aunt!), so I was glad that I could help him.  

I work with a questionnaire so that people can give me information that they might realize should go on their resume. One of the questions is about patents. I had a big surprise! It turns out that John did have a “patent pending”. I really did not know that. 

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Why did a “patent pending” get an interview

He applied for a job with Amazon even though he did not have so much relevant experience. But he was a mechanical engineer. This was the job description:   

Invent, design, and implement engineering solutions to complex materials flow/transformation and human/machine efficiency problems throughout the global Amazon supply chain.

He did not have this specific background:    

Experience designing and delivering complex automated material handling systems, packaging technologies, and systems including robotics and high-speed manufacturing.”

But then he realized that the “preferred qualifications” included PATENT HOLDER.

Amazon was hiring 7,000 in 2013 for their new fulfillment centers. They needed to streamline their processes to accommodate this period of fast growth. They wanted engineers who had already gone through the patent application process.   

He got the interview because of his “patent pending”. But he was not hired. He was disappointed.  

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