Time kills deals.

How is this related to a job search?

I knew that something was going on. The chances that I could close the deal became less and less each day.

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Time kills deals

Time kills deals.

There are two primary ways this can happen.

Maybe the candidate is in the interview process with a different company but doesn’t want to mention it. This offer could be the #2 choice, and the candidate is still waiting for an offer from the #1 choice. It would be nice if the offers came in at the same time, but that rarely happens.

Time kills deal.

Maybe the company was caught off guard. It is possible that a current employee unexpectedly finds out about the opportunity and wants to be considered. Or maybe an employee refers to a friend or former co-worker who happens to be a strong candidate. In either case, the company has to pull them into the interview process.

Time kills deals.

I liked being a recruiter. But it was very frustrating to do all the work, and to have the deal fall through at the last minute because of something out of my control.

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