Why did someone ask for my help to arrange a marriage?

I am a resume writer. What did I need to write?

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -Why did someone need help with arranging a marriage

There is a large Indian population in the San Francisco Bay Area where I live. There are many people here who are in arranged marriages. It is not uncommon. It is always about an agreement between two families on behalf of the couple.

A gentleman came to my office and said he was trying to arrange a marriage for his daughter. He needed to put together some sort of document about his family to describe who they were.

It was a very educated family. They were physicians, professors, business owners, and attorneys.
Some lived in the United States; the rest lived in India.

The document included information about each person. This included their profession, where they got their education, where they lived, marital status, and information about children. It was like a small bio for each person. I think it was about 15 – 20 people. It was a very impressive family.

He returned a few months later and said we needed to make some changes. We did that, and I never saw him again.

I think that maybe the family’s first try to arrange a marriage for the daughter did not happen. But hopefully, it was successful the second time.

I like living in the San Francisco area because it is such a diverse population. This gave me a window
into a different culture than my own.

I just wanted to share the story because I think it is interesting.

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