Have you engaged a professional resume writer, gotten started, and then other things in your life took priority? Almost all of my clients have jobs, so it can be hard to stay focused.   

Then someone unexpectedly asks you for a resume and yours is in progress. Then it becomes a rush job for me.  

Irene Marshall_Tip Call Out -3 problems with resume writing extended projects

I consider anything that stretches out beyond 30 days to be an extended project.  

Loss of continuity of thought: It just takes me time if I have to revisit all correspondence, questionnaires, documents, job postings or partially written drafts so we can start over. I often need to schedule another Zoom call to regroup. 

Change in writing strategy: Your writing strategy might need to shift. What you wanted six months ago might not be what you need now. Then it takes time with my writing to make this change.  

Now it’s a rush job: I really try to avoid rush projects. I have a clear writing process and don’t want to make shortcuts. 

Because I usually quote a flat fee for my writing, all of this extra time required is very frustrating.   

We should wait: Let’s not start until you have enough space in your life so that we can go through this writing process fairly quickly. Don’t forget that this is collaborative writing.  

If you would like to discuss your resume (or even if you don’t have one), there is no charge for a consultation. Click this link to my scheduler. I look forward to speaking.